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      定义域 domain
      定书 agreement
      定于 due to
      定于一尊 settle a given question on a...
      定产 a system of fixed quotas for...
      定产到组 fixing of output quotas for ...
      定产鸡笼 trapnest
      定亲 engagement
      定人定时呼叫 appointment call
      定价 fix a price
      定价偏低 under-pricing
      定价成本 costs involved in determinin...
      定价目标 pricing objective
      定伦 Ding Lun
      定位 fixed position
      定位仪 position indicator
      定位反应 orienting response
      定位器 locator
      定位投篮 set shot
      定位方式 locate mode
      定位法 positioning mode
      定位程序 finder
      定位站 localizer station
      定位符号 sprocket bit
      定位?#20302;?/a> position system
      定位语句 locate statement
      定位销 locating pin
      定位面 locating surface
      定位面公差 registering surface toleranc...
      定例 usual practice
      定值 constant value
      定值保险单 valued policy
      定值控制 constant setpoint control
      定值美元 constant-dollar values
      定值自动增益调整器 constant position type autom...
      定值调节 constant setpoint regulation
      定值调节器 set point adjuster
      定做 have sth. made to order
      定做型计算机 customized computer
      定做的衣服 tailor-made clothes
      定像 fixation
      定冠词 definite article
      定准 established standard surely
      定则 rule
      定制 custom made
      定制品 article made to order
      定制家具 have furniture made to order
      定制服装 creation
      定制电路 custom circuit
      幡然悔悟 see the error of one's ways ...
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